Come dine with me

Come dine with me

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Come dine with me- The rules!

These will take place over a number of weeks. The first one will be at Nic's on Monday.
All you need to do is to sort out a three course meal menu and these will be sent to you and each week it will be hosted at each others houses. We will decide the order at the first party.
If you commit to this, then you will have to make sure you can come to all of them. They will be held on the same day each week to make it easier for everyone to organise.
At the end of each dinner party, we will all email Justin our scores and he will then reveal the winner at the last one (to be held at Kim's)
Each week we will all put into the pot £2 at every party and the winner will get the money.

The rules:
-No ready meals or shop bought desserts etc
-No help from other people (husbands & parents)
-Once your menu has been emailed (before first dinner party) then you can't change it
-You must attend every dinner party
-No sniffing for information what people like or dont like, just cook what you want to.
-If everyone has any allergies or dietary requirements (not do not like) then please let us know.

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